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Kate Rice

an animal and nature artist living in a treehouse


  I am an artist living in a treehouse in the mountains of Front Royal, VA. I have been drawing and creating works for as long as I can remember. I studied Art at Davis and Elkins College in West Virginia. Nowadays I spend my time watching the wildlife and taking in nature from my backyard. I’m a lover of animals and hope to share their stories.

   I start with a drawing usually or even a watercolor. The medium changes depending on animal and mood. If an image sticks with me long enough it normally becomes an oil painting or a linocut print. Everything I put into a piece is intentional, right down to the colors used. They are symbolic, I think of the way a color makes me feel. The animals are also symbolic. They tell a story. For example, to me the Bee is diligence, the Deer is calmness, and the Bear is strength. Everything has meaning and everything has a purpose.


All inquires can be sent to my email.

Be social with me! You can find me @artistinatreehouse on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Latest Exhibitions


Art at the Mill

Millwood, Virginia

April 25th - May 10th (Canceled)

Life Aquatic

Shenandoah Arts Council

Winchester, Virginia

September 20th (Virtual Art Show)


Art at the Mill

Millwood, Virginia

April 27th - May 12th

Mountain Encounters

Old Town Welcome Center

Winchester, Virginia

July 12th  - August 31st

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