Kate Rice

an animal and nature artist living in a treehouse

  I am an artist living in a treehouse in the mountains of Front Royal, VA. I have been drawing and creating works for as long as I can remember. I studied Art at Davis and Elkins College in West Virginia. Nowadays I spend my time watching the wildlife and taking in nature from my backyard. I’m a lover of animals and hope to share their stories.

   I start with a drawing usually or even a watercolor. The medium changes depending on animal and mood. If an image sticks with me long enough it normally becomes an oil painting or a linocut print. Everything I put into a piece is intentional, right down to the colors used. They are symbolic, I think of the way a color makes me feel. The animals are also the symbolic. For example, to me the Bee is diligence, the Deer is calmness, and the Bear is strength. Everything has meaning and everything has a purpose.


All inquires can be sent to my email.


Latest Exhibitions


Art at the Mill

Millwood, Virginia

April 25th - May 10th (Canceled)


Art at the Mill

Millwood, Virginia

April 27th - May 12th

Mountain Encounters

Old Town Welcome Center

Winchester, Virginia

July 12th  - August 31st

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